Proudly providing lawn care services to Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Middleton, Star, and Nampa since 2008.

We are licensed and insured and guarantee all of our work.  More importantly we have done thousands of sprinkler blowouts over the years and have the experience to do the job right.

We listed the dates that we will be in certain zip codes.  Sign up for a sprinkler blowout here.  If you don’t see your zip code in an open date let us know and we will find a date for you.

Rates start at $45 dependent on your zip code for the first 8 zones and $5 for each additional zone.

Date Zip Code Status
Oct. 10th 83702, 83712 Full
Oct. 11th 83705, 83706 Full
Oct. 12th 83703, 83714 Full
Oct. 13th 83713, 83704 Full
Oct. 14th 83716 Full
Oct. 15th 83646 Full
Oct. 17th 83634, 83642 Full
Oct. 18th 83704, 83713 Full
Oct. 19th 83616 Full
Oct. 20th 83644, 83669 Full
Oct. 21st 83709 Full
Oct. 22nd 83646 Full
Oct. 24th  83703, 83714 Full
Oct. 25th 83713, 83704 Full
Oct. 26th  83644, 83669 Full
Oct. 27th Nampa – South of Karcher Rd/I-84 Full
Oct. 28th Caldwell – North of Karcher Rd/I-84 Full
Oct. 29th 83646 Full
Oct. 31st  83703, 83714 Full
Nov. 1st  83713, 83704 Full
Nov. 2nd  83646, 83716  Full
Nov. 3rd  83616 Full
Nov. 4th  83646 Full
Nov. 5th  83702, 83712, 83703 Full
Nov. 7th 83704, 83705, 83706, 83713  Full
Nov. 8th  83642, 83634, 83646, 83709 Full
Nov. 9th 83616,83644, 83669, 83714 Full
Nov. 10th Boise Full
Nov. 11th  Meridian, Star, Eagle, Middleton Full
Nov. 14th  Boise  Full
Nov. 15th   Meridian, Star, Eagle, Middleton  Full
 Nov. 16th  Meridian, Star, Eagle, Middleton  Full
Nov. 17th  Boise Full
 Nov. 18th 83646, 83616, 83644, 83669 Full

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